2016 California Sidecar Daytona


Harley Davidson owners demand the ultimate in style and performance and accept nothing less in the equipment they ride. California Sidecar Trike recognized that when we designed the CSC Daytona trike conversion kit. The suspension is the result of superb performance engineering and innovation. A light-weight aircraft grade aluminum suspension works with our exclusive nitrogen charged shock and Eibach spring to deliver ultimate handling and cornering ability. Whether dodging potholes on the interstates or sweeping through tight 2-laned turns, the Daytona handles better than any other trike on the planet.

The drivetrain is equally well engineered as purpose built sprockets retain the stock gear ratio. The CSC exclusive belts are a proprietary material and design, manufactured by Gates, the industry leader in belt technology and production. Four piston disc brake calipers are standard equipment, providing unmatched stopping power under all conditions. Check out the optional Performance Brake Upgrade, a drilled rotor with nickel plating and a super-slick aluminum caliper. A meticulously styled body with our custom LED taillights will turn heads wherever you may roam. And with our internally mounted Space Saver hinge design and over 6 cubic feet of trunk storage capacity, there's not much you'll ever have to leave behind.